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Nice that you are here. Here with us – at “Crazy about handball”. During these memorable times. Even though we might not be able
to celebrate our sport in the world’s handball arenas, we still don’t want to do without it. That’s why from now on, quarterly, we are going to take you
behind the scenes of this fascinating sport.

We are going to draw many a secrets from stars of the handball scene and introduce to you some true characters, who also know how to
convince off the court. Moreover we have decided on a sportive informal but respectful register. We do not care for gender quarrels as we do for nasty
fouls on the court.

Still initiating discussions? Yes, please! Let’ s have fun together with this amazing sport.

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We are crazy about handball. So you can find this new magazine for handball enthusiasts with big stories about great handball players! 🙂

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